06 February 2011

PomPom Flower Tutorial

Hello friends!
Today while reorganizing my scraproom I found this bucket of blossoms I had bought last year, it comes with 100 mixed color blossoms and they are from Imaginisce, so anyway, I started playing with them and by the time I was finished I had created a nice pom pom flower without realizing!
I created another one and took pictures of all the steps so I could share with you the making of this pom pom flower, I think it looks pretty neat.
I hope you like it!

You will need:

*8 blossoms (1 of a different color as the others)
*1.5 punched circle
*Brad, Button or Gem
*Glue gun

Step #1 Place a bit of glue slightly above the center of the flower

Step #2 Fold flower in half, repeat step 1 and 2 with the rest of the 7 flowers

Step#3 Arrange folded flowers on 1.5" punched circle (5 flowers on the edge of the circle and 2 in the center.
Step#4 Place brad, button or gem on the center of the different color flower and glue it on center of pom pom flower

I added some glimmer mist to my pom pom and...now we are done!

Thanks for visiting!


  1. Nice way to make a new flower out of an old one......

  2. Oh I would have never thought of that, you could make the biggest flower you have ever seen if you wanted too. LOL great idea.

  3. Great idea...I'll have to give it a try! Thanks for sharing!

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  5. Trying again. Great tutorial. Love the outcome.